OMG! Don’t feed your child that they will choke…


So as Nancy is now three I thought it would be a great time to reflect on my baby led weaning journey. When I started weaning Nancy Christmas 2015, everyone back in Wales was shocked at how I was feeding her. I didn’t purée, I didn’t spoon feed, I didn’t even really cut up her food! Why? Because I had decided to do baby led weaning. I was living in Surrey at the time and I attended a workshop on babyled weaning and I instantly knew it was for me. The benefits outweighed the mess in my eyes. If you follow my insta you will know that apart from my sweet tooth I generally like to eat well and do my best to homecook. So babyled weaning was a good fit for me. Though I am not going to pretend like I am some cooking, nutrious goodess as I do feed Nancy an Annabelle Karmel fish pie ready meal, it’s her favourite food but the thought of cooking and eating it makes me gag.

I thought I would quickly some up why I loved baby led weaning. I won’t bore you with the benefits you can google, I will give you the benefits I had.

Good points

1. It allowed me time to eat. Selfish I know but we used to sit at the table together and she would watch me eat and copy me. It enabled me to cook a healthy nutritious meal for the both of us and I actually got to eat it to.

2. It saved me a load of money! Honestly those purée pots are so expensive! A sweet potato costs like 50p and that would be enough for you and your 6 month old for lunch. Sprinkle some cheese and cook some broccoli and that’s what a £1 lunch?

3. Nancy always knew what food was what. Broccoli has always been broccoli. She picks it up by the stem and munches the top. I never had the horror of a two year old saying ‘I don’t like that, it’s green.’

4. It saved the stress of eating out. All we had to do from age 6 months to maybe 2 is ask for an extra plate and she would eat a bit of our food.

5. Fun. Watching your child play with and enjoy food is so lovely. We had so much fun

Bad points

1. The mess. Just scroll through the pics to see. Her favourite food is cous cous and cleaning that baby up is a devil.

2. Recently Nancy has been asked to be spoon fed. I have no idea why but often I have to spoon feed her just to get her to eat. I am not sure if it’s attention or because I never spoon fed her but I wonder if its linked?

3. Always having to share my food. Going out for food I would always have to give her food from my plate, although a great money save – Kelly doesn’t share food!

4. Constantly cooking. This was fine while on maternity but always making sure I have food for the next day is difficult.

5. The last few months I have noticed Nancy has become a lot more fussy. She doesn’t like cereal so her breakfast is usually a little Yeo yogurt (no sugar) and fruit. She also hates peppers and some other veggie bites. Now she has a voice and she can refuse she really does refuse!

6. She still often uses her hands. This may be laziness but ye sometimes she just can’t get a fork to work quick enough!

Best foods

1. Sweet potato – either baked or made into fries for easy grip

2. Pineapple – just to watch their face

3. Raspberries – helps develop pincher grip and soft to eat

4. Cheese – an easy go to snack

5. Homemade fish fingers – beat an egg, add some ground almonds or desceaciated coconut, mix then dip your chosen fish in and bake until golden.

6. Muffin omelette – basically make an omelette, separate into muffin tins and cook

7. Puff pastry wheels – buy pastry, decorate as you wish, roll up and slice

8. Bolognese with pasta

9. Curry – try korma at first but honestly Nancy can handle a hotter curry than me

10. Any roasted veg or chopped up fruit.

As they say food is play until one. So never worry that they won’t get enough. But ofcourse seek advice from your health visitor.

Don’t worry about choking and you can do a first aid course beforehand just to ease nerves (I did).

Have fun with it! It’s such a wonderful bonding experience for the both of you.

Hope your enjoyed. Message me if you have any other questions x

Kelly Yasmin Bayley