A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous


I had my hen do last weekend and I have to say that it was absolutely magnificent! I apologise for the overload of social media posts but it was honestly the best girls night out I have ever had.

So let me talk you through the itinerary. We began our journey by enjoying champagne cocktails with the Prime Minister at Churchill’s Bar. I adore Winston Churchill, I have memorabilia on my bookcase from him, I have had Secret Santa presents, even a Churchill themed buffet! I know he gets some stick but for me he represents resilience and fighter spirit. I also have to give the toilets a solid 10/10, Milton Brown hand wash and lotion in the bogs is a far cry away from £1 purchase from Home Bargains. 

We then ventured for afternoon tea, at Ham Yard Bar & Restaurant. I love afternoon tea, it is just so yummy. When it arrives I always think this is easy to polish up, I won’t get filled up, two slices of sandwiches and scone I am stuffed. We spent the time arguing over how to pronounce scone and whether the cream or jam should go on first, while enjoying champagne. If you are looking for a afternoon tea within a beautiful setting (and reasonably priced) this is the place for you. My favourite part of the afternoon tea was a comment from a middle aged lady, perched next to her designer handbag and Gucci shopping bags ‘that girl is too young to get married.’ I am not sure whether to take this as a compliment or an insult? But who cares because I am GETTING MARRIED.

We then headed to the Library aka our hotel room. Now it wasn’t called the library because I love books, it was called the library because we were in the 1920s and in the 1920s bars were disguised a libraries and everyone drank out of tea cups. My wonderful Maid of Honour provided all guests with their own tea cup and copious amounts of prosecco, that her poor fiancé had to carry across half of London. My Maid of Honour asked me the dreaded question a few months back ‘do you want fancy dress’ now in any other circumstance I would say a firm no to fancy dress. However, I had great trust in her and I knew she would make sure I looked and felt fabulous. She ofcourse rocked the theme and went 1920s, allowing my Bride Tribe to take whatever stance they wanted and I was dressed as Coco Chanel. I adore Cocoa Chanel, Gill and I used to spend our hungover days in E1 watching Coco Chanel and just imaging what it would be like to own a Chanel suit. Chanel was fabulous, she was classy and she worked bloody hard. All qualities I admire. We played Mr and Mrs, which Matt and his poor Best Man had to record in a park before a night out – that’s a committed best man there! I did extremely well in Mr and Mrs except I faltered on one question, describe your Mr in three words, well at the time the only word that sprung to mind was intelligence. 

Then came the big reveal, our evening plans. When I heard Nic book the Uber for Kingsland Road I was literally buzzing my t*ts off. If you love Vietnamese food, then this is the street for you. But first we had to get an Uber. With our booze ofcourse! The music was insane we had all the good old club bangers to rock while we drifted through London. 

So then came the Tay Do restaurant, which was BYOB. Well all I can is I feel so sorry for the other folk in the restaurant because we were probably too loud and too proud. But the food was just insanely beautiful. I am still salivating thinking about my tofu in black bean sauce. Some of my Bride Tribe has never had Vietnamese before but they instantly fell in love just by the smell. So we ate, we drank. My good friend Manya managed to drink a whole bottle of Malibu in record time – good girl. We left the restaurant carrying our remaining booze to hit the clubs. 

We walked down Shoreditch High street, my old stomping ground. When I walk down Shoreditch I think I am the hipster version Carrie Bradshaw. I just feel at home. It is a place where you can walk around with dressed as Coco Chanel and you just fit in, no one would even guess you were dressed up. We then headed to the most fabulous bar, Calloh Callay. The playlist was made for us. Nicola had her gun fingers around without moments and we were back in 2007 Risa Nightclub dancing the night away, only better dressed. We drank too many cocktails, laughed too hard and rocked the club.

After this we head to The Blues Kitchen where we had too much wine on tab and danced like we were auditioning for Beyoncé’s next concert. Around 1am we hit that point where we all love eachother, we get into the deep conversation and we cement the bonds of everlasting friendship.

The next day, we were delicate. We went to Peggy Porschen but all of us were too fragile to eat any cake. 

We needed greasy food, so where do you go on a hungover Sunday in London? Well ofcourse you hit Brick Lane for their street food. It was just what the doctor ordered and there was something for everyone. While we ate our food, none of us really talked, we were exhausted, our heads were bonding and we needed warm bellies! 

Then came the hard part. The megabus. Well that’s always a great journey with a hangover. I then came home and got into bed with my little bear and had the biggest cwtch imaginable. 

I have to thank with all my heart my fabulous Bride Tribe for making my hen the most wonderful experience. It was so personal to me and all the things that I love. I honestly could not ask for better friends and now we can look forward to the wedding day! 

Kelly Yasmin Bayley