A diff girls week of food


All businesses mentioned below did not know I was writing this review and I paid for the food and coffee myself.

So, I have tried some amazing places this week and I really, really wanted to share them with you!

First up is Hard Lines coffee. Now I am so fussy with my coffee! I cannot stand a bitter coffee, I have to have a nice smooth latte. It can’t be too frothy, it just has to slide down your throat ever so gently and give your tummy that warm fuzzy feeling. So I am a hard girl to please on the coffee front. But all I can is Hard Lines you did not disappoint. I walked through Cardiff Market almost daily to pick up my daily fruit dose and I had enough time this week to stop off for a quick coffee. I was able to have a little sit just outside the coffee unit. I loved the decor, the cute seats and the whole atmosphere. For me a coffee isn’t just having someone write your name on a cup and pushing you down a line it’s being able to have a little chat and relax. And this is just what Hard Lines does! They also do some yummy vegan bites. An extra perk was they sold reusable coffee cups – which is only ever a plus in my book!

Next up is 39 desserts. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a bloggers event at this incredible dessert place. I had all good intentions on just getting a blueberry crepe, which I deemed to be relatively low calorie, given my wedding dress fitting was this week. But my belly had other ideas. I indulged in warm cookie dough covered in ice cream, white chocolate and raspberries. I polished my plate quicker than my the ladies on my table could ask how it tasted! I then quenched my thirst with a hot chocolate and cooled myself off with coconut ice cream. Every calorie was worth it! Now, if you know me well you will know I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth! I cannot go a day without chocolate or a chocolate biscuits. I have tried other dessert places in Cardiff but to be honest they don’t add up to much. I found them sickly instead of sweet. 39 desserts is nothing like this. The cafe interior is gorgeous, their menu designs are so elegant and their desserts are heaven. I don’t need to sell it to you, you can just look at the pictures! I have to say though everything is so reasonably priced. So if you are visiting Cardiff and your children fancy a sweet treat and you need a decent coffee – head to this place! And if that doesn’t do the trick, have a chocolate shot.

Next on the list is La Creperie . This place is a regular spot for us. They do a children meals for £4 so for us it’s a no brainier. They also do a lovely coffee (yes there is a theme here coffee & dessert). There is so much on the menu. My other half is partial to a crepe with maple syrup whereas I can never resist Nutella. Honestly, if I met someone who didn’t like Nutella I would have to believe they could only be lying. The best thing about this little treasure is it’s right by a park. Which means you can tire the kids out then sit down and get your energy levels back up with a little sugar kick!

Our final stop was BITE. Everything about this place I loved even before I had attended. All food was £3, there was actual children’s food by the fabulous Jack & Amelie and ofcourse I knew I could finally tuck into The Two Anchors after hearing so many raving reviews.

So our first stop was Jack & Amelie . I love the whole concept of this business. Being a busy mum myself I cannot wait to get hold of their delicious children’s meals, for Nancy and myself. Nancy enjoyed it so much, we went back for seconds!

Then I ofcourse headed to The Two Anchors where I tucked in the most yummy scallop of my life. I wanted to cry when my other half wanted to try it! I even licked the butter, because really when it’s that good what choice do you have?

I then headed to Heaneys where I was treated to a beautifully cooked jersey royal with buttermilk, grapes and picked mussels. All for a small fee of £3! I would have paid triple that. I cannot wait for his restaurant to open up in Pontcanna. Already planning my next date night in line with the opening!

The hubby decided to treat himself to lambs cheek at Milkwood. Now my other half had never tried smoked salmon or asparagus till he met me. He generally lived off fajitas and his grandmamas Sunday roast, so I nearly rolled off my picnic when we came back with this dish. I think this is what was so great about BiTE. At only £3 you can try something new, without the ‘what if I don’t like it fear.’

So then we move onto lavebread by Mr Laverman. Well how they got the egg so perfect, I will never no. But it was delicious! I hadn’t come across this place before but I will definitely be on the look out for it at the next street food event.

Then I indulged in Parkhouse. Now I follow these guys on Instagram and I am always getting food envy. I was toying with booking a table for the hubbys 30th and after today I definitely will be. We had a lobster burger. It was delicious. I have never tried lobster before because I always see it on the menu and I worry what if I pay £25 for something I don’t like. But I definitely was not disappointed. Though I only managed to have two bites before the hubby devoured it. He’s lucky I love him.

Then came the ultimate treat. I keep nagging the other half to come to The Early Bird with me and when I seen them on the list I knew I had to save a ticket. Now usually I pass on the doughnut front, I am more of a chocolate cake girl. But when it’s dressed as pretty as this, a girl can’t say no! The pictures just speak for themselves.

So it’s been a great week of eating. I was a bit worried that my wedding dress wouldn’t do up today for my final fitting, luckily it does. So now I am spending my evening watching friends and I am on cookie Number 5. I tell myself that as it’s coconut sugar it’s kind of healthy!

Thank you for reading xoxo

Kelly Yasmin Bayley