Why we love the library


We love books in our house. They form part of our daily routine. For Nancy’s third birthday I have asked for no toys, only books. I already have 10 on my amazon wish list!

I remember a friend at University during my undergraduate telling me she read to her daughter every night from the first day she brought her home. I always knew I wanted to be the same. And I can honestly say Matthew and I read to Nancy every night unless she crashes before we have managed to get her tucked up.

Nancy and I first ventured to the library when she was about 7 weeks old. We had just moved to Surrey and I didn’t know a single person. I was frantically searching for ‘Mum and baby’ classes and came across a ‘Rhyme Time’ class at the local library. That Friday we found the local library and nervously walked inside. All the mums were so welcoming and friendly and introduced themselves to me. It was so lovely to have other mums to talk to. We played some instruments, listened to a story and sung along to nursery rhymes. Though I never understand why the ladies went ‘chatter chatter’ on the bus and not not ‘natter natter natter.’ We had so much fun. Nancy and I found it was a great way to make friends, a chance to get out of the house and the best thing of all was that it was totally free. We went to the class for the first year of her life and when we were at home visiting family we even started to explore every Rhyme time class we could find.

When I went back to work full time my mother in law took over library duties and now takes Nancy to our local library. Fairwater Hub, Cardiff is the most fantastic library. Every Friday Nancy plays tap tap box, listens to a story and then spends some time doing a craft time. The last Friday of every month is cake and coffee morning, Nancy’s favourite time. My mother in law has made some fabulous friends and Nancy is vey well known by the staff at the library.

As Nancy approaches three I can honestly say she adores books. She asks everyday to go the library and we can sit there for a good two hours just reading and reading. Her favourite books are ‘Fancy Nancy and the Budding Ballerina,’ ‘Superworm,’ ‘The Hungry Caterpillar,’ and of course ‘The Gruffalo.’ I really think exposing her to the library and making it part of our weekly routine has really enriched a love of books in her. To get her off to sleep she chooses one book from her bookcase and we will read it to her 3 – 5 times and that’s how she drifts off to sleep.

The library really introduces Nancy to a variety of books, and helps develop her imagination. Now books are relatively cheap, and everyone has such busy life’s I know getting to a library may be difficult. However, an hour with books can bring a world of imagination to life.

I cannot wait till Nancy is old enough to read Harry Potter, Matilda and The Famous Five and ofcourse the classics; Brontë, Austen, Atwood.

I would recommend that any Mum who has an hour to kill on a rainy day head to their local library. You definitely won’t regret it.

Kelly Yasmin Bayley