A review of Madagascar the Musical


Nancy & I were fortunate enough to receive gifted tickets from the Wales Millennium Centre.

I remember Madagascar the film coming out and my younger sisters being totally obsessed with it. I remember dancing around the living room to ‘move it, move it’ for many hours. It was one of those child friendly films that adults could tolerate and there were even elements of adult humour that were cleverly intwined into the script. Now, I have to be honest with my readers and say that the musical was so much better than the film.

You may be thinking how can it?

Well put it this way my four year old would never sit through the original film but Tuesday evening her eyes were glazed over with excitement and she was the happiest I have ever seen her. If that doesn’t prove how epic the show was I don’t know what will.

What makes it so good you ask?

  1. The characters are full of animation and spirit. They act their characters to the full. Nancy was in awe of Gloria who had the most beautiful voice and filled the theatre with her charisma. Alex the Lion and Marty brought believable friendship to the stage and both had amazing voices. Then there was Melman, the actor was outstanding. He cleverly used the huge giraffe puppet like costume for the whole show and moved the mouth in-sync, which brought magic to Nancy’s eyes as she found it so believable. Now what about the infamous penguins we all love, well they were just something else. The cast were full of energy and even though the penguin was a puppet the actors somehow didn’t make you feel like that.

  2. King Julian. Yes he has his own point. But come on he isn’t totally the best. The actor was fantastic and sung ‘move it move it’ in a flawless and energetic manner.

  3. The show followed the original story really well and the songs kept little ones fully entertained. The Musical was ageless as it had child and adult humour in one.

  4. The props were amazing. The scenes were changed quickly and they helped shape the story. For example they boxed the animals for the scene where they are on the boat.

  5. It was just the right amount of time. The show started at 19:00 and we were out by about 20:45 with a 10 minute interval which was perfect for children who are 3 +.

  6. The ending. At the end King Julian asked the audience to stand up for a party. Nancy despite it being way past her bedtime was jumping up and down like you wouldn’t believe with a natural laughter than brings a mum that magic feeling in her heart.

  7. The experience. Nancy and I spent the few days before bursting with excitement. We bumped into two fabulous ladies on the way in and our three girls sat waiting with excitement. During the show Nancy sat next to Daisy another four year old and they loved it. We then went home and read the programme and then she reread it the next with her dad and told him all about.

    I do really think that the theatre is just a magical place. One of my own best memories as a child was going to see the King and I in London with my uncle and I feel so fortunate that I could take Nancy this week to Madagascar. I do believe that experiences are what children remember over anything else and although often it is expensive when you do have the money it really is worth it.

Tickets are still available on the WMC website.