Babyballet has finally come to Cardiff!


This post is in no way sponsored or paid. I attended college with the owner and am writing purely to promote a lovely business.

When Nancy and I lived in Surrey we didn't have any friends. It was a new city, I had no family nearby and my husband was often working form 7:00 -19:00. I really struggled with loneliness. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I joined a couple of mother and baby classes to break up my day. One of my favourite classes was ‘Babyballet.’ I know a number of people would laugh and say how can a 6 month old do ballet? But it had a lovely combination of music, sensory play and movement that every 6 month old would love. It was an opportunity for Nancy to interact with other children as she began to crawl, a skill that I think is very important. It also gave me the chance to meet other mothers.

When Nancy turned one we moved back to Cardiff, I looked for baby ballet but there was unfortunately no franchise in Cardiff. So when I seen that Holly had relocated back form London and created her own Babyballet franchise I was thrilled.

I caught up with Miss Holly a few weeks ago and this is what she had to say:

Why did you want to bring ‘Babyballet’ to Cardiff?

I have been teaching at babyballet South Woodford since it opened over 4 years ago and it’s my favourite day of the week! While at a babyballet conference in the summer I realised that there were no babyballet schools in Wales and just had to do something about it! I know the concept really well and Cardiff also, so it seemed like a perfect fit! The only thing was, I wasn’t ready to leave my London students just yet! But luckily, my very good friend was interested in teaching for me. Miss Lizzie and I grew up dancing together in South Wales and it is such a pleasure to have her on the baby ballet Cardiff team! She is a trained dancer and a fully qualified yoga teacher for adults and children. We have had a lot of fun over these past few months training her up on the babyballet syllabus and ethos and she has absolutely loved her first weeks of classes. She now understands why I gush over my babyballet stars constantly!

 Why do you enjoy Babyballet?

I have taught many different pre-school ballet classes over the past decade and baby ballet is by far the best and my favourite. Classes are based on fun and the enjoyment of music and dance, but teaches so many fundamental skills…

What are the benefits of ballet for pre-schoolers? 

Preschool children particularly learn through physical and sensory experiences, but learning the art of dance helps them also develop a wider knowledge, skill, and understanding. The health aspects are obvious to see, but through dance, children develop enhanced physical, emotional and social development.

What do you love most about your job?

I also like that my students have an easier adjustment when they go to school, as they have spent a couple of years getting used to listening to a teacher, following instructions, socialising with their peer group and waiting their turn. I have found that my students have seemed to find going to school a little easier because of this.

 I am super passionate about teaching, but my favourite thing about baby ballet is our little stars. They are so eager to get to class each week, their little faces light up when they arrive and they enjoy every minute. I then hear about them throughout the week asking how many sleeps until babyballet day, getting their tutus on at 6am or practising the scarf song in the kitchen with a tea towel! There are special moments for each and every child, at class this week one of my little boys successfully jumped for the first time and another little star, who had been very shy in her first class, danced all the way through her class. Babyballet teachers are very nurturing and have a very special relationship with their little stars!

Holly and her team run a variety of classes for children aged 6 months to 6 years. Visit their website for more details.