Cardiff's Coffee Hotspots


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Are you even a parent if you don’t wake up gasping for a cup of coffee in the morning? Ok you probably are but you catch my drift don’t you coffee drinks?

When I get asked the notorious question ‘What would be your last meal on death row?’ I am often greeted with strange looks when I reply ‘An oat milk latte & a slice of cake.’ But it is true. Coffee is my greatest love after my husband and daughter.

Why? I am not sure. Instead of acquiring a taste for a fine glass of red as a grow ever closer to 30 I find myself craving a fragment house blend of carefully roasted coffee beans. On my birthday or on Mother’s Day my husband tells me I can go wherever I want for lunch. But all I really want to do is go to one of favourite coffee shops for a coffee and maybe brunch.

I know you are all dying to find out my favourite hotspots so here they are in no particular order:

Early Bird, Cathays

You have not lived until you have tried their coffee & doughnuts. My goodness each bite brings you closer to heaven. This is actually my husbands favourite because he has a slight obsession with their french toast, bacon and maple syrup. The Early Bird roast their own coffee from their ethical suppliers and believe me it is good! The coffee shop itself is cosy and it really does feel like you could be in someones home, it has that comfort. * This place is really popular so be mindful that you may have to wait maybe 10 - 20 minutes for a table but trust me it will be worth it *

Lufkin, Pontcanna and Grangetown

Another coffee roaster Lufkin is set to melt your heart. The Pontcanna site is situated in Kings Road Yard and makes a lovely stop off after a walk around Llandaff Fields. One of the best things about this place apart from their apple pie is the mugs. They are handcrafted in Wales and have been on my birthday wishlist for a wee while. They have just opened another site in Grangetown which is also meant to be amazing according to my fellow coffee lovers. A little note about this place is that they do not charge for their babycinnos. I have been to some places where we have been charged £1.50 for a tiny glass of leftover milk from my latte and the fact this place does not charge is a huge hit for us. Nancy orders having a mini mug.

Corner Coffee, Cardiff City Centre

My morning pit stop. I love this place. The barista staff are incredible. I love to have a chat with them in the morning about pretty much anything. Plus, they bring the coffee over to you, as a mother table service is the best thing ever. They have a variety of blends and the baristas have such a great knowledge that they can help you choose the right one for you.

200 Degrees, Cardiff Central

Firstly, if you visit this place you must check out their daily deals on Wriggle. £3.50 can buy you a coffee of your choice and some delicious breakfast from filled croissants to yogurts or one of their tasty baguettes. So their coffee is great for those that like it strong or sweeten it up with a sugar * tip ask the barista to stir it in while he makes it to avoid the soggy bit at the bottom * This is also a great place to get some work done. They are plenty of charge points and small tables to catch up on work or simply read a book in peace.


Chloe and her father are doing wonders with this place. This non-profit coffee shop not only offers a smooth blend and luscious cake but is constantly helpings other and fostering a community spirit. For example, they are running their second Mental Health Awareness Event on the 26th July. The coffee shop has a great vibe and the staff are lovely. It is a great place to sit with friends and enjoy one of their tasty lunches.

Just to add all of the places I have mentioned provide a vegan coffee option. The Early Bird, Big Moose and 200 Degrees also offer a scrumptious vegan lunch range.

Thank you for reading x