A review of KIND Organic


KIND Organic kindly gifted a selection of the range to me. There was no obligation to review but I loved the products so much I couldn’t resist.

 Periods. They come every month to cause us grief. From period pains, bloating, and the obvious…, periods are a pain in the a**. My husband can tell when my period is nearly upon our household. The snappy remarks over clothes left on the floor, the devil stare if he dare reach for the bar of chocolate and the usual crying over a cold mug of peppermint tea. This month, I have been trialling Kind Organic. A Welsh company that provide a range of sanitary products available at Boots and Ocado.

Before having Nancy, I didn’t take too much notice of my period. It came along, I used tampons and I thought nothing else of it. But, after having a child my periods changed. They became heavier and I felt more uncomfortable. I didn’t like using tampons anymore. Partly because of comfort and partly because I would often forget I had them in. So, I switched to a menstrual cup. It is soft, easy to use and safe to leave in for up to 12 hours. What is even better is the fact it is reusable. So not only are you helping the planet, but you are also saving yourself some money! I know many people are put off by the cup. It isn’t as messy as you imagine and, like your child’s sick, you don’t even think about it when you wash it out.

If the cup isn’t for you - or like me you just sometimes need pad - then Kind’s organic cotton pads are fabulous. They are biodegradable, free from any nasty chemicals, vegan friendly and super comfortable. They are packaged in beautiful neutral packaging so if you are like me and sneak the pad out of your bag and up your sleeve so the men in the office do not see then these beauties will not attract so much attention! Kind have both night and day pads - perfect for any flow!

Their organic tampons are also fabulous! The best part about them is that their cardboard applicators are 100% biodegradable. In a world where our generation may see more plastic than fish in the sea, these eco-friendly tampons are really something we should be investing in. There are also non-applicator tampons which are an ideal size for your handbag on a night out.

I do not know whether it is motherhood or my recent efforts to live a more sustainable life or just becoming that bit older and a bit more conscious of looking after myself, but I really am looking at the toxins I put into my body. Ten years ago, I would be eating fast food and forgetting to take my tampon out after a night out. But, now I want to avoid all toxins. I know many people are careful with the beauty products they use, but I think it is just as important to be aware of the toxins that are put ‘down there.’ People are also making efforts to not buy a 5p bag, but some sanitary pads can have as much as four plastic bags worth of plastic in them, and ask yourself how many pads do you go through a month? So, that is why I couldn’t recommend Kind’s products more.

This is not a hard sell but a blogger supporting a WELSH independent brand. This is a blogger supporting the ethics of a small business. I also know the brand are hoping to launch a maternity range which is something I cannot wait to see. Imagine not having to wear those itchy maternity pads, instead having something that is toxic and chemical free. Or nipple pads that feel soft on the skin. Watch this space!

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