Making time for YOU

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Thanks to Clinique, Cardiff for inviting me for a makeover. This blog was written because I just love their products and I purchased my items myself.

I was recently popped into Clinique, Boots, Cardiff for a little bit of me time. Now time is precious but I made sure I made time on my lunch break to have a little makeover. I love makeup and I have done since I was about fourteen, I have gone through stages of not leaving the house with makeup on, I have ex boyfriends who have never seen me without makeup but as I am getting older I am beginning to love the skin I am in. In my pre Nancy day’s weekly makeovers used to be part of my Saturday night routine. These days I find it difficult to fit in. But if I run out of some makeup products I always try and fit in a little makeover treat, especially before a date night. I always get my makeup done at Clinique, Boots, Cardiff. Jess always makes me feel better about myself, she can hide my puffy tired eyes with Clinique’s beyond protecting concealer. She also gives me some great tips. Today we went for a dewy natural look. We started off with super prime, this is really fab at helping your makeup stay on and if you have sensitive skin like me it isn’t too harsh on the skin which is great. Next Jess used the beyond perfecting concealer and then used the amazing super glow foundation in ivory. Jess gave me a great tip and said if you find you are getting lines when using a foundation brush to use a blender sponge. She then used the blended face powder to set my foundation. Jess then applied sunkissed bronzer to highlight my cheekbones and face. Another great tip from Jess was to use the bronzer as an eyeshadow so I will definitely be trying this out on my next night out. For blush we used innocent peach which gave a delicate pinkie tone to my face. I noticed Jess dapped the power brush on her wrist she said this was a great way to prevent droppage and to ensure you don’t get a big splodge of pink on your cheeks when applying – another great tip. For eyeshadow I choose ballet flats, and I have to say I am in love. It added to the dewy look and set off the blusher perfectly. Finally to wake my eyes up we went for smokey brown liner. As I have hazel eyes smokey brown goes great with my eye and skin colour, especially being a little bit pale. For mascara we used high impact, now I used this product at home and it is so good! Another little tip – use an old mascara brush that you have cleaned to go over applied mascara to prevent the dreaded mascara build up. We finished the look off with sugar pop lipstick. I left feeling like Blake Lively but shorter, chubbier and less glossy hair. So next time you are in your local shopping centre why not pop into your local Clinique and ask them about their products and maybe treat yourself to something. Because lovely, you deserve.


While having my little pamper session I really began to realise how much I do. It’s not just the everyday stuff, it’s the mental workload. You know making sure you have the winter coat and gloves ready in case we have snow next week, making sure all the swimming lessons fees are paid and you buying presents for birthday parties. I forget that managing a house is a full time job and to cram it into an evening is so hard. My husband is fantastic and he is such a hands on dad (he is currently playing magic ships with Nancy as I write this) but he also works long hours as a teacher so as I am cleaning the house and packing lunches he is marking A Level essays till 22:00 each night. Over the last year I have realised the importance of me time. I became so exhausted last year from work, Nancy and general life that I came down with pneumonia. I was so poorly I couldn’t get out of bed and my husband had to force feed me McDonald’s, which is unheard of for me. From there I began to realise the importance of self-care. So now I make sure I make time to have my hair done, my makeup done, practice yoga and just read a book. If you are like me a year ago and eat left over pizza crusts instead of dinner, never make time to shave your legs or use dry shampoo because there isn’t time to wash your hair – STOP! Make some time for you. Cut corners by ordering your food shop online, order your Christmas presents from Amazon, split the chores 50/50 or ask for family support. Then use this time for you, even if it is just having bath. You know the saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ well it is true. So take my advice and dedicate maybe 4 hours a week solely for you and what you want to do. Trust me, you may get mum guilt at first but after a while you won’t look back.



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