Cardiff’s coolest party – Soulful Sunrise


In my late teens and early twenties I partied four to five times a week. Aged 16 - 23 you would find me dancing until the early hours and sleeping until midday or hiding my hangover in the stockroom of the shop I was worked in at the time.


Fast forward five years and a three year old and you will find me dancing at 6am at Soulful Sunrise. Not because I had been dancing all night but because I had woken up at 5am and travelled to Big Moose for a morning party.

The concept may sound mad as you read this blog, but actually it’s really clever. As founder Leah Davies told us ‘we are taught to work hard and play later but why should we do that? Why not play early in the morning and work hard after?’ Switching the mindset and starting the day full of energy and happiness puts you in a great mood to start the rest of the day. This is what’s Soulful Sunrise is all about spreading goodwill, happiness and friendship. 


I attended the third Soulful Sunrise. The first was a summer party and the second was a Harvest where food was collected for food banks. The underlying principal of Soulful Sunrise is to help others. Leah had a Christmas tree full of ideas to help others from volunteering at not for profit businesses like coffee shop Big Moose and zero waste store Ripple to helping out at Cwtch Appeal bringing Christmas parties to deprived children. 


So what did I get up to at my party at 6am?

  • I started the morning with a pot of gorgeous granola and a latte (ofcourse).

  • I then mingled and chatted to some fabulous people. Giving me the opportunity to make new friends and network with local businesses

  • I then had the joy of a morning yoga session with my favourite yoga teacher Rae. I have been attending Rae’s yoga sessions for two years now and honestly it is my ritual. My husband knows that he can’t go out on a Tuesday evening because I have her class and if I miss it I will be in a bad mood for the rest of the week. So starting my morning with her was incredible. Her knowledge of yoga and easing you into your practice is so perfect. 

  • We then had a twenty minute meditation with Siwan from Cardiff Meditation. I have a very busy mind so I find meditation extremely hard. But, Siwan has a wonderful voice and constantly brings you back from wandering thoughts. I honestly felt much better afterwards.

  • After my practice I went downstairs for some carol singing. Bit of a struggle to sing and wiggle at 7am but I did it. And somehow it made me feel elated. The person next to me probably had sore ears from my terrible voice.

  • Then came the disco everyone was on the dance floor strutting their stuff.


It was so wonderful to see and it was such an inclusive environment. Most people attend on their own so you don’t feel so afraid being on your own. Leah and her husband also keep a watchful eye on you all to make sure you aren’t standing alone looking afraid. 


I can honestly say I felt so much better afterwards. I felt uplifted. I didn’t go into work with my shoulders up to my ears with tension but instead I had a big smile. I don’t know how it worked but it did. 


I honestly can’t wait for the next one.


Kelly Yasmin BayleyComment