The Threenger


I remember people talking about the terrible twos. How horrific they were, how their child would scream in the middle of Tesco’s and they would pretend it was some other parent’s child. I used to nod and smile sympathetically. Inside thinking ‘oh my child is perfect. She doesn’t have the terrible twos.’


Well isn’t karma a bitch! Nancy has decided that she is fully embracing the threenager. Now if you aren’t familiar with this terminology let me educate you ‘a toddler who acts like a 13 year old hormonal teenager.’ You may think I am exaggerating here but I have two teenage sisters aged 12 and 18 and I also used to teach at an all girls Secondary School in South East. So, I have more experience than most in the world of teenage hormones. Let me tell you my daughter is a match. I think some of that East London sass worked it’s way into the womb as Nancy was growing!


Here are my common examples of a threenanger

1. ‘Mummy can I have cake for breakfast.’ Obviously that was a no. This led to crying, screaming and asking of why 50 billion times .

2. Hours spent cooking a home cooked meal. Lovingly placed on the table only for Nancy to say ‘I only like lasagne when it’s nice.’ *ouch*

3. ‘Daddy you are ruining my day.’ You ask why? Nancy replies ‘because you won’t take me to a coffee shop.’

4. Nancy tidy your bedroom. She replies ‘mummy I am too tired you do it’

5. The door slam. Because you have run out of bagels. 

6. I hate you. Because you refuse to watch Octonauts for the 7 millionth time

7. The outfit battle. Nancy you can’t wear that it’s too short. ‘Yes I can mummy’ x conversation by 10

8. The friendship drama. Mummy Betty isn’t my best friend today.’ 

9. She knows best. Nancy you don’t do it like that, you do it like this. I’m hit with ‘no mummy you are wrong.’ 

10. Finally the nail in the coffin. Mummy you aren’t my best friend anymore. * said when I tell she has to wash her hair *


Now this may make my beautiful, vibrant daughter sound like a brat. She isn’t. She is wonderful, kind and loving. But of course she is growing and finding her own personality and learning to express her feeling.


I hope I am not the only parent who struggles with this? Let me know x

Kelly Yasmin BayleyComment