Warrior Women


I was invited by the organisers to blog about the event

Go back just 9 months ago and the thought of walking into a room full of strangers petrified me. I find small talk quite difficult, so for years I avoided networking outside of my work.

Fast forward and here I was walking into Warrior Women, an event organised by two incredible women Amy and Charlie. Lucky the nerves quickly vanished when warrior intern Ailsa spotted me and introduced me to some lovely ladies.

Warrior Women was set up by Amy and Charlie, two amazing women who wanted to create a platform for women to share their inspiring journeys and stories. From this idea they have created a network for women to connect and build friendships. Each month they hold an event centered around a theme and invite amazing women to speak about their story. This month was all about ‘social.’

The first speaker was Fiona Thomas, an author who has just released a book on ‘Depression in the Digital Age.’ Listening to Fiona speak I was constantly nodding along in agreement. She talked about how social media had helped her overcome her own depression and allowed her to share her story. She talked about her ‘insta story rants’ and how many of her followers could relate to her.

Fiona also talked about how social media had allowed her to make so meaningful friendships. This is something I myself can really relate to. Social media gets a bad press but like Fiona I have found it a great platform to connect with others who have similar views to myself. I don’t want to give too much away about Fiona but I will say her new book has been added to my Christmas wish list.

Fiona’s advice was to not be afraid to let your guard down on social media as often others are going through the same thing.

The next speaker was Francesa Irving, owner of Lunax Digital. Another millennial mother, she established her successful marketing company after the birth of her daughter. She went back to her full time job after having a baby but craved a more flexible working life and so begun her own company. It was so inspiring to listen to another mum talk about her successful business and plans for the future.

Francesa talked about her own journey and how she was making an effort to be social in person and attend networking events to build and strengthen connections. A great piece of advice for those in similar fields.

The final speak was Hannah Fitt, who runs The Safe Foundation. The charity worked with vulnerable communites overseas and helped to run health and education projects. She runs this successful charity and juggles single parenthood, this women is like super women. Hannah talked about the importance of friendship.

She talked about her own experiences with friends and what she learnt from it. She said it was importance the find common ground, give allowance and accept differences. Hannah also talked about how we must learn that sometimes we hold onto connections but we have to accept this may change.

From my own experience, I personally can relate to this as often our friendships change and diminish as we take different paths in life. It is probably the worst form of breakup but often necessary for both parties to grow.

Hannah ended her talk but saying ‘whatever happens if it’s valid and hurtful then it means something. What I want is to reassure all of you you are so loved somewhere. It may come from somewhere you don’t think it will, but when you open your heart it’s yours rocket fuel. That is my experience to let it in and grow it and give it back when it’s yours turn .’

This really stuck with me and I was so grateful to have been invited to listen to these three fabulous women!

Thanks for reading